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Alice Slater is a 25 year old writer based in London, England. She has a BA in creative writing from MMU Cheshire and an MA in prose fiction from UEA. She is Assistant Editor for music blog and zine DrunkenWerewolf and regularly contributes music reviews to other websites. She writes book reviews for Female Flare.

Publication History:

“Half-running, we hit the dance floor and join the thicket of swaying clubbers; someone’s cigarette catches my fishnet and burns a hole right through the sleeve.”

Read ‘and I will only drink drinks that are red like blood’ at Smoke: A London Peculiar.

“A drunk couple in a booth feed each other tidbits from their chopsticks and tip china thimbles of sake down their throats. Her berry lipstick is smeared, her eyes racooned with kohl.”

Read ‘Edamame’ at ThickJam.

– – –

“I don’t want to count my omelettes before I’ve cracked any eggs, but Tara Fontaine just told me she reckons she’ll be on the blob for the swimming gala next month.”

Read ‘Scrambled’ at The Rusty Nail, or buy your copy of Issue 2 here

– – –

“Whilst the restaurant is alcohol-free, the hostess seemed to be drinking gin – but was only too happy to share it with us. Whilst we ate, we heard some strange noises coming from the back garden and – upon enquiry – she informed us that she was teaching herself to play the squeeze box.”

Read ‘” at Pank

– – –

“Everyone in our neighbourhood knew Lucy, the working girl with the thick berry-coloured scar. ”

Read ‘Our Neighbourhood’ in Creative Publishing Inc’s anthology The Ten Best Short Stories 2011. Buy your copy here

– – –

“The sun poured into their South-facing flat. The pair leant on the balcony, looking out across the City. They sipped honey coloured Coronas with lips swollen from inflating balloons.”

Read ‘Ringing’ in Issue 3 of Definite Bracket. 

– – –

“This is why he does it. If, for example, he pays for a bottle of milk with a five pound note on Friday, and then buys a tin of cat food with a ten pound note on Saturday, he may well be given the same five pound note he used on Friday as change. He just finds it comforting to know.”

Read ‘They Just Find It Comforting’ in Issue 2 of Definite Bracket.



Longlisted: Lightship International Prize: How To Eat A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Shortlisted: The Fine Line Short Story Competition: Our Terry

Highly Commended: Fleeting: Edamame


Shortlisted: Read for Read: Our Terry

Shortlisted: Bridport: Tumbling After


Interview with Pank 2011.

With thanks to Anneke Koster for the banner.

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  1. February 6, 2012 10:33 pm

    Hi Alice, this is a lovely thing you’re doing here, letting other writers know about opportunities, competitions etc. I’d quite like to Follow your blog but I can’t see a widget to do so. Would you like to check out my blogs? I’m trying to build a little community of writers discussing notions of place, self and writing ( and the craft of fiction writing ( It’s early days yet, but the more people participate, the more beneficial these forums will be. I think I saw in one of your posts that you’re doing a PhD? So am I – I’m in my second year of a PhD in creative writing at Queensland University of Technology, Queensland, Australia. Would love to stay in touch. Cheers, and thanks again for your lovely blog, Andrea

    • February 8, 2012 2:10 pm

      Thanks Andrea, it’s great to hear from you – and thanks for the heads up. I’m new to WordPress, and I didn’t realise I had to add my own “follow” widget. Thanks for sharing your blogs, they look great. I’m currently applying to do a PhD but it’s not going very well I’m afraid. Never mind, there’s always next year. Much love x

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