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For Books’ Sake get down and derby with London Rollergirls!

August 14, 2012

To say I like roller derby is kind of like saying Bukowski liked a drink. I fucking love roller derby. I love the thrill of a tense jam, the unanimous roar when a badass player gets back on the track after a stint in the penalty box, the crunch of a hardcore blocker, the foxy slyness of a tricksy jammer. I even love drinking from those overpriced plastic bottles of Carlsburg. In an interview with Pank, I was asked what my derby name would be. Unfortunately, like Pash from the derby film Whip It, I went through a “fat girl reads a book” phase and not a skating phase, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever take to skates myself, but it would be Charlie Bukkaki. I know you didn’t ask, but I spent ages thinking it up so…

Anyway, imagine my delight when I discovered one of my favourite bookish webzines For Books’ Sake is collaborating with the London Rollergirls to curate an anthology of derby-themed fiction. I know. I can’t fucking believe it either. It’s like Christmas, my birthday, a massive orgasm and a bucket load of frozen strawberry margarita-flavoured love stuck in a roller skate and rolled straight into my pants.

Website: For Books’ Sake Derby-Themed Anthology.

Deadline: midnight on Sunday 28th October 2012.

Word count: up to 5k.

Prize: Publication, glory, my eternal respect.

Judges: For Books’ Sake Team and the London Rollergirls.

Results: Early 2013

Here are some useful derby links for those that don’t have a fucking clue what I’m on about:

Roller Derby UK official website.

London Rollergirls – What Is Roller Derby? (Rules and shit).

This is Roller Derby – 30 minute documentary on the magic of the track, including the briefest of brief overviews of the history and rules as well as a look into modern derby and what it means to those involved.

Rollergirl: Totally True Tales from the Track by Melissa Joulwan – Great book on the history of roller derby.

Or, lazy bitches can just watch Whip It (FYI, it’s rad), although banked track has slightly different rules to flat track, which is more my jam.


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