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Round up of Encroaching Deadlines

January 19, 2012


There are a few deadlines coming up that might interest you. Personally, I’m in a PhD-application slump and can only see an unhealthy number of cocktails in my future, but maybe you’re feeling more productive.

The folk at Sugar Mule are looking for creative non-fiction and poetry to tie into the theme of “women writing nature”. Submission details here. NB, Sugar Mule state that “search engine restrictions force [Sugar Mule] to put certain words in this form: “f—” for example,” so no cunts’ cricket, guys.

The Quotable is seeking out original flash fiction, short fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and other tat to fit in with their spring theme of “place“. They also, funnily enough, provide an inspiring quote to get you started. This quarter, they’ve rolled with a quote from T.S. Eliot’s pen: “…the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” Lovely. A quick look suggests that they’re cool with f-bombs, but do check their submission guidelines here before you send them your best profanity-laden pile of stink.

Red Claw Press are after anything that even vaguely relates to sleep for a new anthology, and no form is taboo: “We welcome both written and visual art. Written contributions can be in any one or a combination of these forms: short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction (e.g. memoir, essay, travel piece), graphic essay, or comic. Other formats could be photographs, or photos of paintings, sculptures, collages, or works in glass, ceramics, textiles, metal, wood or jewellery.” This is such a broad call, you’ve no excuse not to submit something. They also use masturbation, sex, sleep deprivation as torture and sleep as a euphemism for death as examples of how to interpret the theme, so feel free to be as wild, spicy, depraved or maudlin as you like.

The First Line use first-line writing prompts to collate entries for their quarterly online issues. Spring’s first line is: “There are a few things you need to know before we start.” The submission guidelines are here, and these cats actually pay cold hard cash for successful submissions. They also have the next three first-line prompts posted already, so if this one leaves you staring blankly at your cat, maybe one of the next lines will hit you in the clit with the inspiration stick.

Deadline for each call for submission is February 1st. 

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