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October 31, 2011

I could fill this introduction with floral musings on the power of the short story, the gutsy punch of flash fiction, the subtle art of crafting the perfect slither of prose … but who wants to read that clichéd old shit when the web is packed full of incredible short stories?

The purpose of this blog is not to publish my work, nor is it to publish anyone else’s. There are so many websites, blogs, journals, zines, magazines and competitions to submit writing to, but keeping track can be a right old fanny. I spend a lot of time working on short stories, and as a result I spend a lot of time finding new competitions and journals that might be interested in publishing my work, and I intend to share every single one of them here. Whether anyone cares to read them or not.

I will occasionally post links to specific stories that I find published elsewhere and have really enjoyed. I will occasionally post about short story collections, authors, or writing guides that I like. This blog is aimed at both literary and genre writers, UK-only and international competitions.

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